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Sunday, April 7, 2013

With Bells On for Laura Zendala #52

The Bright Owl dare this week included many circles. I embrace those circles and turning them into the flowers they want to be (in this case) as are in many of my tiles (I'm seeing a theme here). The actual challenge was to overlay Hollibaugh somewhere over the tile as a string. Did I do it "correctly"? Jury out on that one...

Recipe:  Ndeble, Phicops, Hollibaugh, and Stiritup. Add a touch of turmeric. Underlay each and look through the oven window.

For Laura
Part of the catch and release program I am doing.
A year of Zendala drawings that are each released to the person they are drawn for, with love.


  1. I love it!
    looks a bit like that game we had called "mikado"

  2. Besutiful, looks like a bouquet of flowers. It is great how you did the hollibaugh!

  3. I love the crossed sticks effecti! Wonderfully done!

  4. ooo i love those flowers! the hole dala in fact is beautiful!

  5. I love your zendala and Hollibaugh is great.

  6. thank you so much for this. i can't tell you how it made my day!! <3


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