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Monday, March 25, 2013

Zendala Dare 50: Growing Pains for Wendy

Erin at the Bright Owl Blogspot offered up Template 50 this weekend.
I started with the center and moved out from there.

No Recipe, just go by feel. Taste test often. Adjust as needed.

For Wendy

Part of the catch and release program I am doing.
A year of Zendala drawings that are each released to the person they are drawn for, with love.


  1. Beautifully drawn and an interesting take on the original Zendala.

  2. I love the movement in this zendala.

  3. With a pinwheel movement this one is outstanding!

  4. Wonderful job on the Dare - I love how it grows out from the center.

  5. Very simple, yet elegant! I am reminded of the aloe leaves in my garden :)


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