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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zendala Dare #49 for Stan

A St. Patrick's day work for the Zendala Dare #49 from Erin at Bright Owl.

Double layer of Betweed, a touch of Indy Rella, Stiritup with a bit of beet juice. Hmmm good.

For Stan: Part of the catch and release program I am doing.
A year of Zendala drawings that are each released to the person they are drawn for, with love.


  1. I love betweed, it is so rich in every way! Fabulous idea with stunning results!

  2. Wow, Betweed is lovely here. I like the softness of the zendala you made.

  3. Oh, so very beautiful. Great job. The touch of rose in the center just sets it off!

  4. Is that a rose in the middle? I like it.

  5. Oh, this is so light, so beautiful like a butterfly. I like this very much :-)

  6. I like the patterns you have used, beautiful work!

  7. Fun, I like the touch of beet juice!

  8. Love all the betweed! Great tile and I love the concept of catch and release; I'm sure Stan loves his tile.


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