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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Losing it to the Zendala Dare #47 for Barbara

Thanks again to Erin at The Bright Owl for a great string and a fun challenge: Lose something in the string, leave it out, and see where you go. So many possibilities!

Recipe: Zinger, Purk and Finery
             Stir gently

For Barbara: Part of the catch and release program I am doing.

A year of Zendala drawings that are each released to the person they are drawn for, with love.


  1. Beautiful, the twisted zinger and the purk resting on the cute finery beds. A delicate organic zendala with great movement and shading.

  2. I like this zendala, it feels 'airy'.

  3. Another wonderful organic approach to this weeks dare. (Makes a mental note to self to stop sticking with all the linear tangles)

    Great Work!

    1. Thanks Roy, I have to really work at letting go for organic. Linear is good too.


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