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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vanilla Creme Lifesaver ZD #46

Recipe: A little bit of pepper, some phicops and a dash of pendrills.
Mix them all together and you get a vanilla creme lifesaver.

For FlyDaddeo

Part of the catch and release program I am doing.
A year of Zendala drawings that are each released to the person they are drawn for, with love.


  1. Love your recipe, and your aptly named tile - well done!

  2. nice recipe... got to rember that.
    nice work!!

  3. Lovely zendala, a like the recipe idea.

  4. Beautiful, and yes you recipe idea is great indeed. Very creative in words as in drawing.

  5. Lovely Zendala and such a creative way using the recipe :)


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